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3rd Annual School Music Award Show Coming Soon May 18, 2019

studio recording program

inspiring a generation

The Beyond Limits MG Studio Recording Program is and extracurricular program designed specifically to give students a unique hands-on experience in modern digital studio recording. Focusing on how songs are constructed, designed and structured, students have the ability to gain and increase their confidence while becoming much stronger artists.

A large number of our students have a profound interest in the music industry but lack the knowledge of what it takes to truly work in the this field. That is where we come in.

Our program is designed to educate students on the culture of the professional studio environment while simultaneously helping them to gain industry insight. They will gain an understanding of the various roles and positions that play a key role in the music creation process. This experience will help them to become better professionals if they decide to pursue music as a career. The soft skills acquired will also aid them as professionals in other industries as well.

We our always looking for new schools and organizations in which to bring our program. Interested organizations should contact us either by phone or by clicking the Request Quote link.

The Process

  1. After agreeing to terms, we will provide you with flyers to engage your student body.
  2. We will host a promotional day  at your facility aimed at gaining the interest of your potential students.
  3. Students will register online or on paper during the promo event.
  4. We will hold an orientation day before the program starts to welcome students and establish all rules and regulations for the program. 

student highlights

  • Create radio quality music from school
  • Gain meaningful experience recording and performing
  • Experience the life a recording super star!
  • Gain insight on various industry career paths

Organizational highlights

  • Program comes to you
  • Easy implementation: We do all the work!
  • All promotion and registration items are provided
  • Receive email alerts every time students register.
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Now enrolling for summer 2018!

Catch all of the Spring 2019 action LIVE!

Building Teamwork and Camaraderie

Students develop lasting relationships helping each other create music and organize original compositions.

Music Created by Students

Our engineers professionally record the students' audio projects to help bring their creativity to life.

Award Show Participation

Students get to participate in our end-of-the year Grammy Style award show.


additional info

“Michele Clark School Anthem.”

This song was recorded during our Fall 2017 campaign. The video was shot during the Spring semester. These students had an amazing time and we are proud of all that they were able to accomplish.