Message from our CEO

Beyond Limits Media Group was established for the soul purpose of being the platform for all artists. Too often we dream of a world where are creativity could run free and be allowed to be nurtured and grow only to have the “real” world stomp out the flame that burns inside of us. Each of us has a creative being inside craving to be unleashed and allowed to make an impact on this world, but we have allowed the world’s forces to cage that being while we march hopelessly through our existence.

We say “No More!”. We are here to empower those who feel powerless, to voice those that are voiceless and to provide a platform for those without reach. We will even the playing field so that everyone has an opportunity for their essence to impact the world. 

Stand with us and give rise to a world free from the shackles of disparity, where we all can enjoy the freedom to live our best dreams.

Will you join our mission?

Brandon Cook – CEO 

CEO Brandon Cook

Get to know our team

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brandon cook - CEO

charles pulliam - mixing Engineer

angelo notolli - Lead Program Facilitator

Alyssa Jones - lead program facilitator

alex garcia - Recording Engineer

alex scott - Recording Engineer